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Avaya/Lucent Technologies is the company that evolved from the equipment manufacturing units of AT&T to become a market leader in communications. Avaya/Lucent Technologies now handles the production of business telephones and business telephone systems.

Altel carries older AT&T systems and parts as well as newer AT & T/Avaya/Lucent systems and parts. These include:
  • Partner Plus Telephones and Telephone Systems
  • Partner II Telephones and Telephone Systems
  • Partner ACS Telephones and Telephone Systems
  • Partner Endeavor Telephones and Telephone Systems
  • Merlin Telephones and Telephone Systems
  • Merlin Legend Telephones and Telephone Systems
  • Merlin Magix Telephones and Telephone Systems
One of the leading telecommunications companies in the world, Avaya Partner systems provide cutting-edge communication features specifically designed to increase business productivity. One of the most successful and reliable key systems in the industry, Avaya telephones are designed to meet extraordinary performance standards and provide QoS capabilities that help deliver a consistently satisfying call experience. Built-in flexibility allows the system to grow with your business.

Product Demo Avaya IP Office:
Avaya IP Office
The Avaya IP Office phone system can simply measurably improve your company. Avaya IP Office delivers powerful call handling capabilities and provides detailed call reporting that can enhance the performance and productivity of everyone who uses it.

IP Office system includes:
  • A Phone System - A Rack Mountable PBX with hundreds of features. Display phones. Desk- and PC-based IP phones. Voice over IP. Paging.

  • A Unified Messaging Server - Voicemail. Auto attendant. Unified voicemail/email. Personal Number. Call recording. Easy-to use graphical interfaces. Full synchronization with Microsoft� Exchange.

  • A Conferencing Solution - A built-in, private "conference bridge" that's available at a moment's notice when you need to quickly share information with a large number of people. Secure, easy to use and very cost-effective, it's ideal for team meetings, client conferences, training and more.

  • A Virtual Office Solution - Are you working out of the office? Avaya IP Office is an ideal solution for virtual offices because you can work remote through a corporate network infrastructure. This means you can benefit from the "transparent" operation of many features (transfers, Caller ID, etc.), centralized messaging, and centralized administration to enhance information sharing and collaboration, increase company-wide productivity and lower costs. Linking your remote offices on one phone system with centralized administration and shared messaging.

  • Easy to Manage - Web based system management easily allows you to change system settings while you're in the office or away.
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ICON Voice Networks designs, develops and distributes voice networking and integrated office solutions and products that serve the needs of small businesses and large enterprises alike. ICON Voice Networks products cater to the specific needs of a business by optimizing access and availability of personnel through highly reliable voice processing that incorporates the latest collaboration, video and mobility technology. ICON Voice Networks further integrates these communication systems with other office monitoring and notification systems to provide a single Office Automation Solution engineered from the core. In addition to development ICON Voice Networks also serves as a master distributor for multiple IP-PBX and Unified Communications product lines providing sales support, in service support and custom development.
Digium® is the innovative force behind Asterisk�, the open source telephony platform, and Switchvox, the turn-key business phone system. Asterisk is a software development platform that powers IP PBX systems, VoIP gateways, conference servers and more. Switchvox is an affordable business phone system that includes unified communications and call center features.